Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spoils of the Day

What you see in the picture below is one of the top reasons we live in Albania. Fresh fruits and vegetables, all for less than 20 bucks (minus the gourds). One of our favorite places to shop is called the "Electric Market", where you can find a slew of hardware shops, but also lining the sidewalks are many vendors selling their finest from their gardens. Some run large produce stands, others just bring whatever they can get from their own backyards, even if it's just a few bunches of grapes. The gourd guy had his car piled high with the gourds. Now we just need you to come over and help us eat it all.


Angela Hart said...

Ames, this looks lovely. Have you read the book "Animal, Vegetable Miracle" by Barbra Kingslover. It's wonderful and has totally changed my perspective on food. I think you'd love it!!

Jen and Shane said...

I love it! Its so nice to see your faces, even if it is in photos! I'm missing Albania lately and all its splendors :) Keep us updated.